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Since 1986, The EDGE Estimating Software System™ has

offered trade-specific modules customized to work

seamlessly within the following trades:

  Roofing Fireproofing

Drywall Painting
Acoustical Flooring
EIFS General Contracting

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2014 Upcoming Trade Shows

PDCA Expo 2014 March 12-15

2014 NERCA Convention & Trade Show March 26-27, 2014

INTEX EXPO 2014 April 2-3, 2014

Western Roofing Expo 2014 June 8-11, 2014

Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo July 11-12, 2014

RCAT'S 39th Annual Trade Show September 30-October 3, 2014

MRCA 65th Annual Conference December 10-12, 2014






Too often, estimating software is selected based on the cost, features, reviews, word of mouth, or other personal
preferences. Many potential users do not consider their current estimating process, how they can improve that
process, how estimating software can, will, or will not improve their company, also what expectations they should
have for their business if estimating software were being used. The EDGE Estimating Software System™ stands out from
other estimating software available today, we like to explore with you, if estimating software is in fact the best solution
for your company. We want your company to succeed with our estimating software system, therefore we like to make
sure it's the right fit for your needs. Another point that sets The EDGE Estimating Software™ above the rest is our attention to
detail throughout our estimating software by putting you in the driver seat. We use extensive customization to construct
your detailed, company specific estimating software to only your wants and needs. We actually sit with you and teach you
along the way, how to form our estimating software around the way you currently estimate by customizing each and every
detail to your company's specific needs. Many of these extensive customization options are not included in other estimating
software systems on the market. Your estimating software is one of a kind! Once the initial setup and construction of your
estimating software is completed, then you're off and running, with the power and knowledge to maximize profitability
at your fingertips!! Trade specific modules are currently offered for Commercial Roof, Residential Roof, Tapered Insulation Roof,
Standing Seam Roof, Drywall (Interior), Acoustical Ceiling, EIFS, Fireproofing, Painting, Flooring, and GC.


For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please call AES offices at

(561) 276-9100 or simply Click Here to submit an online request.

  Roofing Estimating Software Commercial Roof Estimating Software Residential Roof Estimating Software  
  Tapered Insulation Roof Estimating Software Standing Seam Roof Estimating Software Drywall Estimating Software  
  Acoustical Estimating Software EIFS Estimating Software Fireproof Estimating Software  
  Paint Estimating Software Flooring Estimating Software General Contracting Estimating Software  
  Commercial Roof Reports
Commercial Roof Drawing Report
Commercial Roof Recap Report
Commercial Roof Stocking Report
Commercial Roof Consolidated Report
Commercial Roof Labor Report
Commercial Roof Pricing Report
Residential Roof Reports
Residential Roof Drawing Report
Residential Roof Recap Report
Residential Roof Stocking Report
Residential Roof Consolidated Report
Residential Roof Labor Report
Residential Roof Pricing Report
Drywall (Interior) Reports
Drywall Drawing Report
Drywall Recap Report
Drywall Stocking Report
Drywall Consolidated Report
Drywall Labor Report
Drywall Pricing Report
  Tapered Insulation Roof Reports
Tapered Insulation Roof Layout-I Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Layout-II Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Drawing Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Recap Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Stocking Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Consolidated Report
Tapered Insulation Roof Pricing Report
Standing Seam Roof Reports
Standing Seam Roof Layout Report
Standing Seam Roof Recap Report
Standing Seam Roof Stocking Report
Standing Seam Roof Consolidated Report
Standing Seam Roof Pricing Report
Acoustical Reports
Acoustical Drawing Report
Acoustical Recap Report
Acoustical Stocking Report
Acoustical Consolidated Report
Acoustical Labor Report
Acoustical Pricing Report
  EIFS Reports
EIFS Drawing Report
EIFS Recap Report
EIFS Stocking Report
EIFS Consolidated Report
EIFS Labor Report
EIFS Pricing Report
Fireproofing Reports
Fireproofing Spray Chart Report
Fireproofing Summary Report
Fireproofing Recap Report
Fireproofing Consolidated Report
Fireproofing Pricing Report
Painting Reports
Painting Color Chart Report
Painting Recap Report
Painting Stocking Report
Painting Consolidated Report
Painting Labor Report
Painting Pricing Report
  Flooring Reports
Flooring Drawing Report
Flooring Recap Report
Flooring Stocking Report
Flooring Consolidated Report
Flooring Pricing Report
GC Reports
GC Drawing Report
GC Recap Report
GC Stocking Report
GC Consolidated Report
GC Pricing Report

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