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 Roofing Estimating Software

Commercial The EDGE Estimating Software™ module for the Roofing trade is designed to maximize your company's bidding potential for both new roof, and re-roofing projects with ease. Whether using paper plans, digital blueprints or field sketches, no project is too large, or too small. The EDGE™ instantly prepares all numeric calculations necessary for accurate material pricing and labor production costs. Your EDGE Software™ module provides hundreds of drawing details for you to customize each and every bid to your exact specifications. You will also find the option to draw your own details right on your computer screen, then save those details to your EDGE System™ for customized and accurate bid generation. The EDGE™ takes that feature one step further by allowing you to add those details directly from satellite images, as well as third-party images for initial takeoffs. Whichever technique you choose for loading project drawings and details, you will find once your estimate is calculated, that you will not only have your finished bid calculations, but also the completed submittal package and shop drawings. We have carefully designed this trade-specific module for extensive customization to meet any requirements, or conditions you may have.

Exclusive to The EDGE™ is a feature for handling labor costs, called "Smart Labor". This feature will accurately analyze the roof as your estimate is calculated, and automatically populate labor production based on the difficulty of the project. Smart Labor allows you to modify all labor factors and rates, to fit your specific needs, consistently giving your detailed, quality bids across the board.

The EDGE Estimating Software™ for Roofing instantly and accurately produces detailed reports including profit recap reports (comparative analysis of bids), alternate pricing, ordering, and job costing, which can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

The EDGE Software™ for the roofing trade will dramatically decrease estimating time and undoubtedly maximize your company's productivity and profitability. The AES team will ensure that your EDGE Software™ for roofing is custom-tailored to your company's specific needs.

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